CBS News shocked to report local man cured his cancer with cannabis oil

For those of us that have been following the process of cannabis legalization in the United States — and especially for those of us who are conscious of our health — then news about the “newfound” health benefits of cannabis comes as no surprise. For the rest of the world, however, the realization that people who are using cannabis are not a bunch of lazy stoners comes as a bit of a shock — but only because many of them have been willfully ignorant of the truth.

Few have been quite as ignorant as the mainstream media, whose obsession with normalizing everything somehow passed right by marijuana and cannabis products. Instead, they normalize things that are objectively evil like war crimes, pedophilia and government corruption. If you don’t realize that they have a certain agenda, then you simply aren’t paying close enough attention.

Then there are the few media outlets that are finally acknowledging the benefits of cannabis, but they also act so surprised by this fact that it is endlessly frustrating for those of us that have been fighting for truth on the matter for years now. This happened most recently with CBS News, when they appeared completely baffled while reporting on a story about a man whose cancer was cured through the use of cannabis oil. (RELATED: Stay informed about CBD oil and other cannabinoids news at

Brett Blume of CBS St. Louis reports, “The 50-year-old Granite City man is putting out the word that a steady diet of cannabis oil coupled with chemotherapy wiped out what doctors had only months earlier diagnosed as ‘incurable, inoperable’ lung and pericardial heart sac cancer. He’d basically been given about a year to live, with chemo. … He carried with him a stack of medical documents to back his claim that he’s been given a clean bill of health just months after being handed a death sentence.”

But while Blume seems shocked by this advancement, it really shouldn’t be all that surprising. There have been hundreds of reports over the years of people explaining how cannabis oils, marijuana and other products of a similar nature helped cure various illnesses and diseases. The fact that the mainstream media has been refusing to acknowledge any of these reports goes to show just how unconcerned they are with reporting on the truth and standing up to the status quo.

The only reason that marijuana isn’t already legalized is that the federal government profits far too heavily from the alternatives. The pharmaceutical industry would be put on life support almost instantly if marijuana were legalized across the United States, and since they are in the pockets of both the federal government and the mainstream media, that isn’t happening any time soon.

We need to hold the mainstream media to a higher standard and continue to spread the truth about cannabis. The fact that there are still people in the United States that are misinformed about the plant is frustrating and unforgivable. All we can do at this point is fight back against misinformation and ignorance. That is the only way that we can win this battle.

So let’s get to work. (Read more news about advances in natural medicine remedies at


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