Cannabis Oil Dispensary Working To Open In North Texas

MCKINNEY (KRLD) – A North Texas cannabis advocate is working to open up one of the area’s first oil dispensaries.

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“Cultivation, processing, and dispensing. We intend to do it all,” says Patrick Moran.

Moran is the CEO of AcquiFlow, a cannabis company based in McKinney. He chose the town of Gunter, between McKinney and Sherman, as the place to open the dispensary. It would be built in a renovated cotton gin.

“Gunter is a fantastic small town with rich history and a great promise of economic development,” Moran says. “And we’re in a position to reach a lot of people.”

The dispensary’s main focus would be distributing the cannabis oil across Texas to other dispensaries, but Moran says it would make a difference to the people of Gunter as well. A town hall meeting was held to lay out plans for the dispensary, and received a lot of support.

“A lot of people there are connected with epileptic patients,” Moran says. “Even the criticisms we met with were based only on a lack of information.”

Cannabis oil has been legal in Texas to relieve epileptic seizures since June 2015. Governor Abbott signed the bill into law, and Moran says the state has been supportive of their venture so far.

“We’re completely in sync with the state on this,” Moran says. “This is what Texans need to get behind. Some families watch their loved ones suffer multiple seizures a day. To have this relief at their fingertips will change their lives.”

Moran still needs the state’s approval and a license to dispense. He expects to have both by summer 2017.

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